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Who We Are ?

Professional Fashion Platform
FASHIONFLAMEZ the real ultimate form where passion and dedication changes everything.

FashionflameZ is in the fashion and beauty pageant industry for a period of one and half year which organises fashion events on a pan India level. The company was born in December 2019 set by Jincy with a vision to break stereotype fashion shows . What makes FF unique from others is that we bring creativity and concepts. We have an extensive network across the globe in fashion and entertainment to synchronise everything in an organised manner. We organise fashion shows, product launch parties for fashion brand of each and every level. We have designers from across the country who are expert in composing a variety of themes and also conceptualise as per requirements. Our models reveal these designer clothes with confidence and style. We love details! And our commitment is to see each event through from the start to finish while keeping the goals,vision in mind at all times.